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Tips from a first time buyer

Posted by admin on December 29, 2014
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Some friends of mine recently bought their 1st home…. They wanted to share their experiences to help other first time buyers… Read on to save you time, money and stress!!

1 Make sure you finish at least one room in the house before starting another…… This will at least give you somewhere to relax at the end of a tiring day.

2 DIY OR NOT? That is the question. If you are not skilled at a particular job and therefore cannot guarantee the BEST FINISH why not employ a specialist? If it costs you £100 to pay for a days labour, consider that same job may take you a week……    How much money could you have earned in that time!!!

3 Start with the spec then shop around for the best price…..  Decide what it is you are looking for and then stick your guns… Hunt around for the best price, you will find HUGE VARIATIONS in price… Be careful not to make the mistake of buying too cheap, items like fitted kitchens will last longer if the quality is there!!!

4 Always consider resale value… What works for you may not work for someone else… For example if you buy a property with a fireplace and gas fire but decide you would prefer a wood burning stove… Don’t disconnect the gas pipe… Your new buyer in years to come may prefer a gas fire!

5 Budget sensibly…  It’s the things you cant see that end up costing the money.. A nice shiny new bathroom suite looks cheap at £300 however you need to consider you will need taps, waste pipes, shower valves tiles sealants and much more!! You really need to add another 20% to the cost to finish the job properly.

6 Get a price for the job from your tradesperson. Don’t go with a daily rate as you may then end up paying over the odds for unforeseen delays….. Make sure you don’t run over budget by getting a fixed price in writing itemising what the job entails and the finish you require.

7 Buy a folder and keep all the receipts quotes and guarantees in one place.Don’t forget your buyer will want to see receipts when you come to resell………

8 Finally make time for you and spend time doing things you enjoy!!! Continue to go tot her gym or dance classes whatever you normally do.. The house must not take over your life!!!!!

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